Digital Art
Grand Palais - Paris, from march 13th to april 13th 1980

art and computer (1) (2)

Binarisations Black/White 220 x 220 cm

(note of January 1980 for the presentation of the expo Digital Art of March 1980 at the Grand Palais - Paris)

Contemporary man is moving around in a new way, creating music with electronics, exchanging images through air waves, delving into sidereal space with machines that mix future and present together.

The instruments of his knowledge and his expressions have both evolved at the speed of light. However, within pictorial artistic creation, although held back by a strange reticence, he sets the pace.

The artist is the seeker of the impalpable, sensitive to his age, of which the vision he gives often claims new methods of expression.

The computer is above all a polyvalent instrument of infinite resources.
In adapting it for the necessities of our imaginations, we create a new form of art, a new approach to color, graphics, movement in the interpretation of the real as well as in abstract composition.

Installation : computer animation, model

Our group has the mission of gathering together artist who, through digital videographic (acoustical and graphic) methods and other techniques, are especially interested in the technologies of the future. At the Grand Palais we will develop two important areas:

1. In "l'espace de création" (the space of creation), you can discover the museum of digital art, you can explore the space of telematic mutations, be surprised in the auditorium where you will see and hear a succession of graphic and acoustic compositions created by computer, and finally, discover the three-dimensional surprises that await you in the circuits of meditation.

2. In "l'espace de rencontre" (the space of encounter), we ask for an active participation from the public. On the theme of the year 0/1, an array of microprocessors, future home computers, will be presented to the public. Everything will be supervised by the seekers of the group as well as by the young and even, very young...

Binarisations Black/White 120 x 220 cm

>>>> Bernard Demiaux