IT Objects - White boxes
Galerie du Génie 1991, CNAP research grant, Images du Futur Montréal 1992

Interview by Norbert Hillaire

(note of 1990, presented at the Genie Gallery, Paris-Bastille, in June 1991 with the White Box n1)

Bernard Demiaux "captures" the immaterial data that circulates in the digital networks and materializes it in the form of IT objects.

The IT objects are created by respecting the "digital integrity" from the conception to the final presentation. The object is symbolized by 0/1 in the binary code. The work of the artist is a work based on data; he ventures into the black box of the computer and investigates the digital memories in order to materialize the meaning of the models he studies (situations, events, objects, people...)

The data is captured as is, roughly, with no changes or manipulation.

The data is chosen from the digital networks based on a selected theme, then "captured", transferred to the computer's memory, and finally presented visually in its binary form. The result is a success of images formed from 0/1.

This binary 0/1 presentation of images is the plastic style that characterizes the work of the artist.

These are objects from "active memory". Based on time and interactions, they generate binary alternatives.

The interaction is produced directly by the viewer who manipulates a binary remote control.

The viewer then becomes an "interactor".

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