Processing Paris
Recode project

Mémoire, Ville, Estampe

Time / Time
Le Pouldu 2015-2016

Rimbaud Voyelles
Casablanca, Nice 2016-2017

The Real and its double
Ornans, Le Pouldu 2018

The Past recomposed
Le Pouldu 2019



A summer at the beach, painting in the age of Artificial Intelligence. Inspired by the works of Gauguin and the painters of the School of Pont-Aven, postcards of Pouldu, from the 1920s and 1930s, during the Belle Epoque, or even landscapes of Pouldu today. The generated images are then reworked by hand on the canvas.
At the gates of Hell, facing the pandemic, vouivres, gargoyles and engoulants stand guard in the Great Hall of the Poor of the Hospices de Beaune
Words of Hope, Such as meteorits thrown into the space, the 0 and the 1 attract each others, go away, tangle, then associate together, at a given time, in order to cast words, messages, titles of literary works that come from memory.
The Past recomposed, the Hand in search of the past of the beautiful time in Pouldu through binarized images 01 archives: the beach, cafes, ferry, refreshment room, sailors, painters ...
The Real and its double, Courbet, Gauguin and Anonymous on the banks of the the La´ta.
Time / Time, the shadow of Gauguin in the mirror of the Breton landscapes of Bernard Demiaux
1978-2013, algorithms of years 1970 revisited
Paris in its Districts, a contemporary and amazing vision of Paris.
Landscapes composed from grasses, branches, barks or clouds in the Normandy and Californian woodlands.
Magical numbers give birth to Power flowers, Flowers designed by digital algorythms, a new kind of man-made nature, imaginary flowers which recall the flower power movement from the 70s.
Like Gauguin before him, the artist roams the lanes around Le Pouldu discovering the fields, inlets and waves of the Quimperlé area.
3 D images to generate a mythological fauna, shapes appearing instantaneously from the core of the computer: colorful sea shells, secret Bouddhas, icons, infinity symbols, rainbow snakes, a magical pantheon.
Oh ! Les Mains, landscapes and shells in the hands of one small child...
Digital shadows of people, atmospheres, places, cities encountered and discovered...
Water Splashes which endlessly echo the movements of the pebbles I used to throw on the beach facing the Opera House as a child in Nice.
The computer invents its own art. Programmed according to strict rules governing their position, attraction or repulsion, Stardust memories are the imprints left by the binary motives, which forward, swing, bend and move across the screen, leaving behind a tinted trail.
From the Objects Plus defined with Pierre Restany in 1989, Bernard Demiaux made binarisations from Duchamp, Wahrol, Koons, Mendini ...
Bernard Demiaux