Bernard Demiaux

Mythological Fauna vol 2 - Paris 2005

#3 Shells, #4 Rainbow Snakes


80 x 80 cm on acrylic canvas

edition size : 40 x 40 cm - 20 copies from 1 to 20, 2 artist proof on fine art paper


#3 Shells

shell matrix


shell in love


shell chamane


blue sky shell


#4 Rainbow Snakes

rainbow snake matrix


purple snake


rainbow snake twin sex


rainbow snake blue leaves

With this Fauna, the 0/1 leave the plane matrix of the computer. Mythological Fauna appear with the turnings of the programs, kinds of instantaneous appearances on the screen of the computer.

Bernard Demiaux captures these imaginary forms, gives them a name : buddhas, rings of infinity, magic shells or rainbow snakes... and prints them on canvas or art paper in various colors and binary textures.