Centre de Binarisation
Demiaux - Richardson
Réseaux Ordiniriques



An open performance created for Arte no Seculo XXI at the Contemporary Art Museum in Sao Paulo

Enter with interactivity in the Art of the XXI century

We have choosen 8 celebrities known all over the world for their mediatic power (The Pope, Mickey Mouse, Mao Tsé Toung, Castaneda, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Mandela, Gorbatchev; each of them representing a dominating area.

They constitute the "Overdose Family".

At each celebrity, a game card is associated which define his symbolic tendancy :To enter into the Ordiniric Network, you have to identify yourself to one of these celebrities and to speak in his place.

In the spirit of the performance, you can also suggest new celebrities which will replace old ones.

Bernard Demiaux will transpose artistically your message into Binarisations.
Ana Richardson choose the symbols of the cards to create Ordiniric Signs which will make a new pack of cards.

Binarisations and Ordiniric Signs will be presented during the next days in the Look space on the Web.




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