Bernard Demiaux

Nature vol 2 - Berkeley 2004

Digital paintings


40" x 40" on acrylic canvas

edition size : 15" x 15 ", 20 copies from 1 to 20, 2 artist proof on fine art paper


mixed clouds

# horizon one

# red cloud

# green cloud

# blue cloud

# black cloud


grass of infinity

# rose of fire

# barks of day 1

# ivy lines

# barks of day 2

celestial branches

# green and orange

# sheets of wind

# yellow lemon

# bunches of dew


"Bernard Demiaux is an artist who has created the "Binarisations" series, a set of informational objects that are composed of a succession of zero and one bits (0/1) that are presented in the form of digital pictures and animated mural sculptures.

His latest works focus on the digital representations of clouds, grass, branches and barks where he uses the binary (O/1) effects to highlight and then reinforce the magical and supernatural feeling of these encounters.

He has captured "moments of emotion" from his frequent trips (voyages) to the United States and Latin America, which today, he transforms into his series of engraved works and digital prints that he calls, "Binarisations. "


C.B.Nash - Berkeley 2004